Rob parsons at morgan stanley essay

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Rob parsons at morgan stanley essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The main purpose of this text is the evaluation of Rob Parson and whether or whether not he is suited for a promotion becoming managing director of a certain branch of the company.

Rob parsons at morgan stanley essay

The text gives a description about Rob Parson past, academically in his job career prior to Morgan Stanley and how his colleagues describe him. In addition to that I think that Rob Parson deserves a promotion however he will need to change his team playing approach.

It is necessary to be able to work with other efficiently in this fast moving market and he has to be aware of that. Knows what he is doing 1. Working in a team 2. Commits to his work 2. Knows how to make a deal 3. First of all I think it would help to praise him for his success at the firm and that in general things are going good.

In addition to that I would then be important to tell Parson about the fact that some of his peers complained about the way he is pursuing business, leaving broken eggs.

The goals I would set for Parson would be the advise to play more along the corporate culture of Morgan Stanley and he will most likely receive the desired promotion If you were Rob Parson, how would you conduct yourself in the performance evaluation meeting?

What are your goals? How would you try to influence the process? He should listen to what the critics have to say about him and and try to work with that.

Denying his mistakes will not help him for his desired promotion and thus he should accept them and try to work out a plan with Paul Nasr how he can develop him in the future.Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley: Following the appointment of Paul Nasr as senior managing director in Capital Market Services (“CMS”) at Morgan Stanley, Nasr recruited Rob Parson to help develop his company, Morgan Stanley’s presence in the fixed income capital markets.

Rob Parson Management Case Study 1 Case Overview The internal environment at Morgan Stanley was one of teamwork, employee development, dignity and respect. Below is an essay on "Rob Parson" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The case of Rob Parson in Morgan Stanley is a most interesting and important case involving the evaluation and leadership of employees by managers. I. Parsons’ Performance Assessment. Overall, Rob Parson’s performance at Morgan Stanley has been very strong when numbers are taken into consideration.

Free Essay: Rob Parsons: A Morgan Stanley Case Analysis Organizational Behavior and Leadership Fall Eric Potter Lindsay Hoh Ehsan Rashid Kwan Soo Myoung. As Rob Parson is a very important asset to the company so promote him despite his bad feedback and ensure his work is promoted by the senior managers among his colleagues to .

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