Pmfc 10 cs of effective business writing

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Pmfc 10 cs of effective business writing

Bur the of new projects, m eetings, a nd di alogue that 10 grea test task o f a ll is to a tt ract c hildren a nd will e nab le us as a n inrerna ri o nal you ng people re choral activi ti es as a way re orga nisario n to re invelH o urselves and to do thin gs togeth er and learning oth er values conso lidate o ur acrio n in th ro ugh music.

The practice of choral music is one of the few acrivities today where the main motivation is not money or power. Choirs arc a bastion ofliberry and fraternity with rare excep tion.

They arc without a doubt a reflection of society, where leadership. All these anriburcs are always sough t by professional choirs when ir is rime to selecr a good choral director, who is almost always a rrue fan of choral music.

I parr of a sllccessfulteam, th e affection for like colleagues, and the occasional afternoon snack or after rehearsal gatherings. An activity [hat can demonstrate through its his Ory how these va lues have survived throughout rime has to be a vcry useful tool 0 farrify he path of personal developme nt in councries where rhe integration of the various social and economic groups is cha ll enging.

It is with much enthusiasm that we conti nue this work. For rhe last several decades in our cou nrry, rh rough goodwill, luck, and delerminarion. One of the premises of th e work of our organization, the Schola Ca nrorum of Caracas Foundarion and the Ca ntemus Choral Movement Foundation is "10 sing and 10 fight," a motro that jointly wirh th e mo o "10 touch and to fight" of the Youth and Children's Orchestras System of Venezuela, has given form to all efforts in Venezuela, which now after 30 yea rs of work ca n show working results of grear quality.

Through these actions, we have come ro understand that there is still mllch work ro be done rowards the integra l development of our towns through rhe young. DevelopmelH is not an abstract concept.

It is a reality with man y edges. It depends o n mulriplc activities and reflections, but especially Ihe leadersh ip of the visionaries that understand with se nsibility and detachment of personal interests Ihe scope of [he problems.

They ca n reflect on quesrions such as: I will rake the liberty [Q ci te several passages that sum marize very clearly some useful eiemC!

First, where do we want to go? How does one define a modern a society? This swdy conceptua lizes the axes on which modernity is understood: The belief in rhe ability to control our environment. The confidence in our society and in our institutions.

A conglome ration of values hat oricnt rhe actions toward the universal. All these elements are prese nt in choral activity, and act as fundamental axes.

What actions should be taken to su ppOrt these axes? One path is the "fo rm ation of democratic and exte nsive e1ites with modern arritudes.

In modern society it is very probable [hat the clircs have had access to socia l benefits nor only econom ic sufficien tly enough so that they understand rhe framework for social relations in a modern society" Uuan Pedro Espafia, op.

Nevertheless, for the d ices, as well as for the remainder ot the individuals of the society, comp lying wirh rhe acrual instituted framework would depend on the condirions and opporrunities that the social rules Impose. Another is rhe change of arritudes toward life and Ihe environment.

They change through institlllions that oblige the individuals to behave in a very specific way.

pmfc 10 cs of effective business writing

All these factors of change form intrinsic splits in choral acrivity. We could elaborate even more on each one of rhese concepts, bur the limited space of this article permits only an outline of them.

pmfc 10 cs of effective business writing

This it shown by so many years ot economic and political f: This is a profound work at the individual level and in ICB Dossier 7 8 the formation of elitcs and new leaderships where choral music plays a unique role.

I wanred to share with you three concrete examples of rhese achievemenrs. One of the small singers, Juan, did an exrremely difficuh choreography, balancing a glass of water on his head while the others sang and played the drums. At the end of performance, the emotional applause rouched little Juan 50 much that he produced a huge smile.

Some rime after leaving the theater I asked Juan"How did you do this feat?

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I would never have been able to balance a glass of warer on my head. AnOther example is Jose. His musica l performance and personality are so brilliant that he was recently selected to be a pan of rhe large concens symphonic choirs direC[ed by teachers as accomplished as Helmurh Rilling.

Herve Niquet, Simon Ranle. Bur, why is this important for Jose? His daily life is difficult, complex, and presents innumerable difficulties that make him easy prey for the drug dealers.

Jose has succumbed at times, but he asked to be included permanently as a way ro save himself. Could this be rite only way out for Jose Perhaps.Iibrnrics, and instilUlionl.

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1. Introduction Neuroeducation: a promising new field. Over the past decade, there has been a tremendous interest in using findings from psychology and cognitive neuroscience to .

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