Once upon a time the lion the king of the forest was celebrating his sons birthday

Monday December 7 Known to his family and friends as Wally, he was a devoted husband, loving father and loyal friend. Wally loved to laugh and was generous to a fault.

Once upon a time the lion the king of the forest was celebrating his sons birthday

Koga's wolf pack ate Rin's entire village and gleefully killed her when she tried escaping. But after kidnapping Kagome and a little mini arc, suddenly he's been turned into The Rival and no worse. When Koga kidnapped Kagome he was more than willing to let his pack eat Shippo, who is the demon equivalent of a seven-year-old, until Kagome refused to help him if they did.

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Worse, his motivation for pursuing Naraku is that one of Naraku's demons slaughtered his entire pack; you know, kind of the exact same thing he did to poor little Rin and her innocent village. The entire narrative seems to very solidly take Kagome's side in the entire love triangle with herself, Inuyasha, and Kikyo, even in ways that don't really make any sense.

One recurring theme is that other characters don't seem to want Inuyasha to fix his badly broken relationship with Kikyo in any way whatsoever, as he will be reprimanded for "cheating" on Kagome and hurting her feelings for speaking to or about her or what happened between them, despite the fact that the Big Bad turning them against each other and having Inuyasha sealed to a tree for 50 years would logically be the kind of thing you would understand trying to sort out to some extent.

This attitude toward Inuyasha and Kikyo's relationship is present long before he and Kagome officially get together at the very end of the story and even before their relationship is anything remotely serious.

In addition to this, while Inuyasha was sealed to the tree he was asleep the whole time. To him it seemed like Kikyo turned on him the day before he met Kagome. Kagome herself notices this early on. That said, early on in the story, Kikyo tried to kill him so they could be together in the afterlife since she already died and was brought back in an unstable temporary body.

Once upon a time the lion the king of the forest was celebrating his sons birthday

To say nothing of the fact that Kagome frequently beats Inuyasha via the rosary around his neck whenever he annoys her in the slightest. While played for comedy, he is shown to both actively fear being "sat" and screams in pain whenever it happens. No one ever says a word in his defense over a protective measure being so abused like it is.

As a matter of fact, his so called "Friends" often chide him, either openly or to themselves, about how stupid he is for causing the beating in the first place. Forget being a beaten spouse, Inuyasha is more like an enslaved dog who is forced to act as muscle for a group that only values him when he acts in the manner in which they approve.

A particularly horrifying example happens early on. To wit, Inuyasha was badly wounded in a battle with a Nigh-Immortal Yura of the hair. As he recuperates up in a tree all by himself, Kagome appears when a first aid kit. Now, despite knowing next to nothing about medical care at this point, Kagome demands that he come down so that she can care for him.

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When Inuyasha chooses to grumpily demand to be left alone, Kagome sits him. This yanks him out of the tree, and sends him plummeting ten, fifteen feet, before smashing him face first into the ground hard enough to leave an imprint.

Kagome slams a person who she believes to be seriously wounded into the earth with the force of a giant. To make matters worse, she is never, EVER called out on this.

In Kikyo second appearance Inuyasha and Co. Once they find out it's Kikyo stealing the souls to keep herself alive though, the group and the story immediately stops caring and shifts to focusing on the drama of the love triangle.

Kikyo spends the rest of the series stealing and eating souls regularly and it doesn't raise a peep from anyone after this point. The guild has a negative view of the Magic Council because it tries to restrict the guild at best and disband it at worst.

This is largely because Fairy Tail openly disregards its laws and has a reputation for mass destruction of property.

In addition, the council enforcers are seen as the bad guys at the end of the Nirvana arc because they arrested Hoteye and Jellal, two criminals who had assisted the protagonists and had genuine changes of heart. The main characters violently object to Jellal in particular due to perceiving the council as a bunch of Ungrateful Bastards intending to at worst execute a man who couldn't even remember his own crimes sure, he was actually Brainwashed and Crazy rather than truly evil, but no one there knew it at the time.

She's clearly conflicted, mind you, but she does tell them to just let it go and let them take Jellal. Flare Corona threatens to kill a child spectator if Lucy fights back during their match and then attempts to torture her, but the protagonists hand-wave her actions later after an apology and give her the excuse of having fallen in with the wrong crowd.

Ultear, murders or otherwise ruins the lives of many people, including Jellal, but, once she turns at the end of the Tenrou Island Arc, she is labeled as one of the good guys without anybody mentioning her past.

In the Phantom Lord arc at the beginning of the manga, Gajeel, then an antagonist, came by and destroyed the guild hall while everyone was out.

It was unprovoked and a horrible thing to do, and Gajeel was still a psycho then, but no one got hurt. Yet, Natsu and everyone else demand retribution, and then seek it out when someone is actually attacked.Luke 2 -Whoever Takes the Son - (An exceptional illustration!) Many years ago, there was a very wealthy man who shared a passion for art collecting with his son.

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They had priceless works by Picasso and Van Gogh adorning the walls of their family estate. September 1 † The Beginning of the Church's Year The First Ecumenical Council established that the Church's year would begin on September 1st, continuing the practice of the Roman Empire at that time.

Rastafari, sometimes termed Rastafarianism, is an Abrahamic religion that developed in Jamaica during the s. Scholars of religion and related fields have classified it as both a new religious movement and a social ashio-midori.com is no centralized authority in control of the movement and much heterogeneity exists among practitioners, who are known as Rastafari, Rastafarians, or Rastas.

History. – Written record of the Maine Coon. A black and white Maine Coon called Captain Jenkins of the Horse Marines was shown in Boston and New York. This apparently is the first mention of Maine Coon cats in a book or journal. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Enjoy and understand your King James Bible far better.

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