My aim in life is police

January 20, It is said that "In order to fulfill your dreams you need to wake up". Having an aim or a goal in your life is very important because it will not only make your path right and fulfill your dreams but it will also make you inspire other people and friends. It is very important to have a dream because without dreams a man can or will be aimless. It was always my aim and dream to become an IPS officer because my grandfather was also an IPS officer during his time.

My aim in life is police

Thanked 28 Times in 24 Posts Quote: Originally Posted by kamii mistakes are appreciated but criticism is not allowed because i am new aspirant so criticism of any one may be demorale me.

My aim in life essay of english

I want to fight against anti state element till my death those who are killing my soldiers I will never pardon them I will never compromise on sovereignty of my country i want to dedicate my entire life to my motherland country and my wish is to keep free land of my country from terrorists as Pakistan knows as land of free peoples if God will give me an opportunity for joining and becoming part of pak army I will avail that opportunity and will do thanks of God for such great success and I guess that will be great success of my youth after achieving my this aim of life I will request to God for my one more thing that is one and only to embrace SHAHADAT And I think for a soldier to achieve the grade of shahadat is enough more than any thing.

After keeping my moral high in such way I will go through for competitive exam css because I know that I am hard worker and talented student I have ability to complete everything I am committed with my self to achieve any object I will prove my self in civil institutes after could not join army I will become role model for new generation after becoming a csp officer I will join police service of Pakistan because in our society there is image of our police is not so good so I will pay my services for police department after joining police department my aim will be only to create peace in society because as every one knows that in Pakistan the situation of law and order is critical our public think that our police is not able to handle situations and police does not takes action immediately but if these things to be controlled well then economy of Pakistan will surely be increased because the major reason for decreasing our economy Is peace process.

My aim in life is police

In my opinion there is another problem which is very important regarding police and govt officials and that is involvement of political personalities in govt departments so I will never pay attentions to these type of rubbish things and I will carry my job with honesty and I will treat equally with every one if I found any one else in criminal case I will charge against him no matter from which back ground he belongs there will be no favoritism in process of my job.

Bro, I dont want to criticize but there are certain mistakes in your essay. Your introduction is not up to the mark. You have stretched your sentences in a futile way. They can be separated by removing commas and 'ands'.

There are many grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes too. You should hone your writing skills.My main aim in life is to get out of this slavery corporate job and to make a role model in agriculture and lead a simple and peaceful life without the terms like EMI, credit card bills, real estate, appraisal, increament, promotion, productivity, stress etc.

Mar 19,  · ESSAY ON MY AMBITION IN LIFE TO BECOME A POLICE OFFICER. ESSAY ON MY AMBITION IN LIFE. Free sample essay on My Aim in Life. Everybody has some aim in life. It is very important.

A life without an aim is like a boat without a rudder. But choosing a career in such a cut throat age of competition is really a difficult task.

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Different people have different aims in their life according to. Character Protects Life.

My aim in life is police

ego needs and metaneeds - are interrelated in a process of meaningful living. The aim of life and the art of living As intrinsic motives for behaviour the human Words; 12 Pages; Baron Von Stueben Fredrich Von Steuben was born in Magedeburg Prussia, on Nov.

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15, , the son of a Prussian army officer. dissertation committee member request letter Essay On My Aim In Life To Become A Police geometry help with homework essay editing online. Aimless life leads nowhere.

So, a man should fix the aim of his life. He may face many difficulties in realizing it, but if he has a strong determination, he must achieve success.

I have already fixed the aim of my life. I want to become a doctor. There are several reasons for my choice. Reasons: The profession of a doctor in noble. He renders a valuable service to the suffering humanity.

My Aim in life to Become a Engineer