Music for concentration while writing activities

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Music for concentration while writing activities

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Research on the brain has been immense. The scientific study of the brain has become an essential endeavor in understanding human life. Music has been found to have profound effect on the brain. Psychologists and scientists have been looking at the link between music, with mood, work efficiency and concentration for years.

In our experiment, we hope to find a correlation between a specific genre of music and greater work efficiency and concentration.

music for concentration while writing activities

We plan to give Miami University students a brief reading comprehension test while listening to a certain genre of music rock, rap, classical, instrumental, techno, and no music. After testing 90 students, we hope to reach a conclusion about what music helps concentration and work efficiency.

If we are able to come to a conclusion, we will have a study skill that will help college students perform better on tests and with homework. In this study we seek to examine the correlations between music and the mind.

We hope to uncover the profound impact that various genres of music can have on concentration and comprehension. We hypothesize, that classical music, along with soothing and instrumental music will benefit concentration greater than rock and roll music or pieces featuring fast and wild rhythms.

In specific, we predict that classical music will help our brain with concentration tasks. From our various studies and tests we hope to discover this helpful link between music's affect on the mind and use the results to enact better habits in our own lives. Because all of our group members are in college and feel the pressure and stress to accumulate good grades, we thought it would be a great idea to help ease the anxiety by finding a method to help with our studying.

If our hypothesis turns out conclusive, it will be beneficial for people to listen to classical music while studying.

We have hopes that we will find a genre of music that helps the mind concentrate more efficiently. If we can accomplish our goal by coming to a definite answer to our question our experiment will be successful. We believe that this study is interesting because the vast majority of college students, ourselves included, enjoy music and seek ways to incorporate our music in studying.

As college students, we also want to find ways to improve our grades and success at taking tests. If we can find a way in which music benefits studying and comprehension, we can involve music in our studies thus enhancing the enjoyment of time studying as well as enhancing our learning abilities.

It has the potential to evoke emotions and personality. Because of the profound effects music has on the human race, it has been a common link between cultures around the world for centuries. Not only does music provide entertainment and beautiful sounds, but it has an amazing effect on memory and learning.

It has been found that people who study music have better GPAs and are higher achievers than those who aren't involved in music. It is also true that Hungary, Japan and the Netherlands are the top three academic countries in the world and they all place a great emphasis on music education and participation in music.

With that fact, the United States should promote music education in all students and stress the importance of music from an early age when children are curious and adventurous. There have been countless studies performed to understand the complex correlation of the complicated brain and music.

For example, in a study performed by Mark Tarrant, David Hargreaves, and Adrian North, the men sought to examine the manipulation of the mind based on music.Using "Music Writing" to Trigger Creativity, Awareness, Motivation, and Poetry The Contemplation Music Writing Project develops communication skills, creative self-expression, character education, and values clarification in young people through reflection, writing, discussion, and self-assessments.

Introduce sequencing and organization activities: The link between sequencing and concentration is a strong one. Following recipes, setting the table and putting things in alphabetical order are great activities for kids whose have concentration difficulties.

Nov 10,  · This music could help you concentrate while studying or performing any activities which require focus and attention. We plan to give Miami University students a brief reading comprehension test while listening to a certain genre of music (rock, rap, classical, instrumental, techno, and no music).

After testing 90 students, we hope to reach a conclusion about what music helps concentration and work efficiency.

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Music Can Help You Study