Mr phil jones was brought in

Oct 25, Just wanted to throw Mr. The project came from my really hating the oversized neck and the sorry "plastic" finish on it that felt forever sticky and sucked alot of tone from it.

Mr phil jones was brought in

Mr Phil Jones Consumer. He referred to when I was a plaintiff with others in a lawsuit against a now-defunct get-rich-quick outfit called Richmastery run by former electrician Philip Ronald Jones, formerly of Hillsborough and Takanini.

Mr phil jones was brought in

A similar fanciful tale was promulgated by the Richmastery supremo as a last wail of anguish over being held to account for their comprehensive and admitted plagiarism.

This week, out of the blue, I was directed to a new website belonging to that same Richmastery supremo: I can understand that. For example, the multiple-media-award-winning publication National Business Review: The distrusted Phil Jones — his claims of wealth openly questioned and his business portrayed as a shallow get-rich-quick operation by the media since Get-rich-quick in a nutshell — NBR.

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They were heavily laced with invective, untrue and misleading statements and character attacks on the Empower Leaders authors Olly Newland, Mark Withers and me in particular which, I hope, few would find convincing.

Using his disreputable Richmastery blog and now his new website as a platform, Phil Jones has, in my honest opinion: What is Phil Jones's word worth?

So is his claim that Empower Education was somehow improperly a party to the copyright litigation. No newspapers declined to run the advertisement.

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Unlike Mr Phil Jones, I will keep my word. All this appeared to me to be an effort to inflame and personalise the dispute. It was as if Phil Jones set out to create a distraction or smokescreen for his own corporate wrongdoing along the lines of: Peter caught us, damn him.

But those guys taking us to court are just as bad or even worse! Yes, I can see why you could think that. Phil Jones seemed under considerable emotional and financial stress at the time.

From where I sat, he appeared to absolutely hate the new experience of being held to account — and being unsuccessful in his efforts to threaten, intimidate or argue his way out of it. After the screaming died down and his lawyers finally got through to him about what our evidence clearly demonstrated, we received as recorded here: Unlike Phil Jones, for the most part I remained fairly muted during the lawsuit itself.

Facts are stated to the best of my knowledge and in this case, recollection. Commentary is my honest opinion. Corrections or clarifications are always welcome by email. The following notice has been added to a page on the Empower Education website which recorded events in the copyright dispute but had remained static since June September This month, more than two years after the out of court settlement detailed below, Philip Ronald Jones Phil Jones published a number of untrue and misleading statements about this litigation.

His allegations are untrue. If you have any query about any matters connected with this, please contact us through feedback. Here is a link to a statement by Peter Aranyi in response published on his personal weblog www.

The company Richmastery Limited was re-named Ralph Trading Limited on 20 May immediately prior to being placed in voluntary liquidation on 19 June Phil Jones, Hillsborough Adjudication date:Football - From a vaunted youngster, Phil Jones has become football's Mr Bean. The jokes are wearing a little thin.

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