Memorization of the quran

Yasir Qadhi shared with us some practical steps that helped him memorize the Quran during his teenage years. If you want to take advantage of this blessing, you should be in a position to receive it and therefore strive physically to achieve it and strive spiritually to get the maximum benefit. The first matter you have to pay attention to is your intention if you intend good you will get good.

Memorization of the quran

Learn the meaning of the verses and the reasons behind revealing them. Those who have completed this great task are called upon for their advice, interpretations and guidance. Memorizing the Quran entails a physical, mental and spiritual journey that will build a better relationship between an individual and Allah — as well as between an individual and his or her community.

Rather, it should be undertaken by those who want to deepen their faith and reap the benefits in this world and the next. Quran memorization focuses on completing the memorization of the Book of Allah in the shortest time with high accuracy and precision with scholars from Al-Azhar University who carry one or more Ijazaah.

Each instructor holds a degree in Islamic history and religious studies, so he or she can not only provide a richer understanding of the Quran, but also help students apply it to everyday life. The program is divided into three levels — A, B and C, with two stages for each.

For beginners, the program focuses on memorization through listening.

Memorization of the quran

As students advance, emphasis is shifted to memorization through reading the Quran. Remember that the original founders of Islam, the prophet and his followers, memorized and recited the Quran verbally, passing it down through the generations. It was not until Uthman, the third caliph, that each holy word of the Quran was recorded in writing.

We encourage all students to carefully consider this example, as the history of Quranic memorization can act as an inspiration for those facing this major task.Importance of Quran memorization for children – All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists, and may prayers of blessings and peace be upon the noblest of the prophets and messenger of Allah.

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Holy Quran is the heavenly book of Allah (SWT) revealed on last Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The Noble Quran is the 4 th sacred book, the greatest gift of Allah Almighty to mankind. The Holy Quran is a form of guidance for all mankind and its generations to come till the Day of Judgment.

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It’s an advise given by most if not all Huffadh of the Qur’an.

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