Intercultural leadership

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Intercultural leadership

Monday, March 4, - 9: ILS includes brief lectures, discussion, experiential activities, and small group work.

While at ILS you will: Increase your awareness of the impact of culture on communication styles; Gain skills necessary Intercultural leadership effective intercultural communication; Discover your own leadership potential; and Develop and enhance your intercultural competence.

Participating in ILS will help you to gain skills and knowledge of the following competencies: The program curriculum has been designed with the expectation that participants will attend its entire program. International scholars and alumni who have already graduated are not eligible to apply.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and acceptance priority will be given to students who have not attended ILS previously. Applications will be available in February, Contact the International Center at icenter umich.

Being at the University of Michigan I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful international students from various cultural backgrounds. With my lifelong goal of someday going to Japan and possibly teaching there, I wanted to be able to learn from people different from myself.

Additionally, I Intercultural leadership always desired to be a inclusive educator to every student I encounter. Therefore, it was imperative for me to understand different perspectives and norms from my own.

One of the most important skills I learned at ILS was being able to take into consideration how different backgrounds and what we assume to be normal in our home country can influence how we view things. Also, at Michigan I have met a international student from China who has now become a very close friend of mine.

In the beginning, she and I had certain issues with communication because of the different social norms America and China have.

I particularly hope to remain open minded, patient and understanding when dealing with issues of miscommunication. While I expect it to be more like leadership team building workshop, it happens to be personal value reflection, with a bonus of inspirations.

I am fortunate enough to meet a very diverse, yet like-minded group of student in ILS. Although we are from different background and level in education, I am very glad that we are still keeping contact.

Intercultural leadership

Despite the fact that I am a graduate student, being a new comer to the University, ILS workshop has expose me to a sneak peak of the extent of inclusiveness the school community and potential work environment in the US. With the influence of social media and technology today, human behaviors are more alike, partly due to globalization.

However, due to the fact that we are born and raised in different cultures, we tend to react slightly different in different circumstances. Through the interaction and discussion in the one-day workshop, I am more aware of the differentiation among us.

The undergraduate participants are very energetic and reminded me of the passion I used to have. Thus, I have also learnt from other post-graduate participant about priceless opportunities they encountered during their pursuit of academic success.

All the stories that I heard are very inspiring, and it excite me further excel my potential with resources and opportunities at University of Michigan. I have also learned to reassess myself through the process and remember to take a step back and breathe when I feel on edge.

I challenge myself to find connections with people whom I may consider different than me. It is rare to be in environment where people are open so quickly…I realized how often I stay in my comfort zone and how I must miss so many opportunities to interact with people and grow.

The tips provided for the critical moment dialogue are very helpful and i personally believe that i could use them in several situations to great effect. Despite my familiarity and experience with the subject I still felt like it was valuable and provides me concentrated time to reflect within a useful framework.

Thank you for your time offering this opportunity!Deepening Understanding for Intercultural Ministry A 5 day interactive and engaging program with practical ideas for implementation in your own context.

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The Intercultural Communication Institute, Portland, Oregon, USA The Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI) is a nonprofit charity with the mission of fostering an awareness and appreciation of cultural difference in both the international and domestic arenas.

An integral resource for the development of intercultural leaders in the greater Philadelphia community. Mission statement CILC is dedicated to developing best practices for cultivating intercultural leadership opportunities and educational experiences on our campus and in our community.

Effective intercultural communication is a vital skill for anyone working across countries or continents, including those working for multinational companies either in their home country or abroad (expatriates).

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Intercultural Youth Leadership Academy – High school students meet monthly for 10 months to learn basic intercultural leadership principles.

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