Gwen harwood the violets essay

Emotional qualities are shared between the past and present:

Gwen harwood the violets essay

Base your discussion on a detailed analysis of this poem and one of the other set poems. The Violets and Father and Child may be seen as indicative of these concerns. Both works encompass the poetic qualities that are characteristic of Harwoods work, via manipulation of which she constructs meaning.

These are her use of imagery, symbolism, contrast and juxtaposition and motifs. The manipulation of these techniques creates didactic poetry that examines primarily the progression of the human psyche into a mind capable of reasoning and understanding their environment, namely the power and nature of time over the mortality of humankind.

Harwood takes her fixation with memory and uses her recognisable contrasts in settings and symbolism to convey and construct meaning. The Violets is emblematic of Harwoods work as it explores the nature of memory, particularly its power to revitalise the persona who is undergoing a form of hardship or period of transition into which she searches her memory for guidance.

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The personas period of transition is symbolised by the rich imagery of the sunset being striped like ice-cream. The use of simile is effective at both describing the dusk as well as alluding to images of childhood i. The personas adversity is soothed by recalling, in great detail and specificity, the moments of her childhood that Years cannot move nor distort those lamplit presences.

The persona appears to be protective of this memory, as she believes time to be the enemy of such memories, which provides her with revitalisation in her period of adversity. This concern is strongly affiliated with Harwoods work as her poetry is highly didactic and in this case the moral conveyed is that of searching your history for guidance in the present, and this idea is also discussed in Father and Child and At Mornington.

Similarly, Harwoods manipulation of poetic devices to construct mean can be indentified in the personas search for rejuvenation. Her recollection of her childhood is not deliberate and instead triggered by the olfactory of violets.

Past and present are interwoven and linked through the flower, which generates a vivid and descriptive recollection of a childhood experience.

This experience takes place in Mitchelton, Queensland on a hot afternoon which contrasts with it being dusk, and cold in her present geography. Furthermore, this juxtaposition of settings is symbolic of the growth and blossoming spring violets and sweetness of her childhood in Mitchelton, contrasted with the ashes and loam and the ominous blackbird.

The violets themselves symbolise the two ages of the persona, the mature and immature. In her childhood they are blossoming spring violets, in the personas present however they are frail melancholy flowers which is emblematic of her loss of innocence and her experience with psychological development.

The Violets is a moral meditation that reflects upon a childhood experience and elucidates the perhaps once forgotten, yet crucial moment in her psychological development, which is the moment she had her first experience with the loss of time and her failed attempt to rationalise it.

Harwood use the motif of time and is recurring in her work as time itself is recurring and inescapable. The child learns that each morning does in fact slip away and the persona experiences the existence of time.

The child subconsciously mourns the loss of time and describes it as the thing I cannot grasp or name which reinforces the concept of childhood naivety. Through Harwoods meditative form of writing and motif of time the child can be seen as undergoing a significant yet slightly traumatic step in the process of the childs psychological development.


The Violets can be seen as that of an endorsement of patriarchal family structure, as the persona is nostalgic in remembering the safety and security of her past, which she has now lost in modernity.

A feminist reading, however, of The Violets looks into the underlying oppression of women in literary works and their level of conformity to traditional gender roles and subscription to patriarchal family structures.

The Violets reception for many in contemporary Australia is that of a condemnation of this family structure as gender roles have altered significantly, and the adversity the persona is undergoing is a product of a patriarchal family structure.

However, she is prompted by the frail melancholy flowers and recalls her first house, in Mitchelton where she finds safety and security in this family structure.

Gwen harwood the violets essay

Indentation in stanzas allow for the reader to distinguish between the current and past, allowing the voice of the poem to comment in retrospect on past memories. This juxtaposition of alliteration used to describe her childhood soft and the present persona hard indicates that her childhood, in a patriarchal family structure, was perceived to be a world of serenity in contrast to the instability of modern gender roles.Gwen Harwood’s poetry is steeped in Romantic traditions and is underpinned by humanist concerns.

My personal interpretation is that Harwood’s poetry engages readers through its poetic treatment of loss and consolation as well as its exploration of universal themes about human existence and . The Violets by Gwen Harwood Summary Essay. 5. Violets It is dusk, and cold.

I kneel to pick frail melancholy flowers among ashes and loam. The melting west is striped like ice-cream. The Violets Gwen Harwood Analysis Words Apr 7th, 7 Pages The Violets by Gwen Harwood was written during the late s and was published in the anthology Selected Poems in Gwen harwood the violets essay last train home documentary analysis essay afrodizzia essay about myself adverse effect of mobile phone essays piotr kropotkin anarchism and other essays my visit to a park essays essay competation.

The best college application essay dissertation change management why i want to be a radiology technician essays online. The Violets by Gwen Harwood was written during the late s and was published in the anthology Selected Poems in As we know, Harwood’s poems explore philosophical and universal ideas.

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