Beautiful business reports

Warby Parker The diversity of the companies and organizations behind the reports is just as varied as the way in which each one presented their year-end summaries. For vacation rental startup Airbnb, for example, it was about visualizing growth while highlighting individual stories of travelers and hosts that are a part of that story. For Sailthru, on the other hand, it took the report as an opportunity to not only share stats with visitors but pitch them on their product, as well. We had this idea that annual reports are really, really boring so how about we kind of flip it on its side and do something wildly different.

Beautiful business reports

Generating Beautiful Excel Reports With Templates Overview Despite the rise of web-based report interfaces and dashboards, Excel remains the tool of choice in many settings. However, the world of Excel is very separate from the world of most developers.

As a result most programmatically generated Excel reports either have very poor data presentation or they are very brittle. The excel-templates project allows you to create Excel workbooks from Clojure data structures where rich formatting is provided by another Excel workbook that acts as a template.

The method this uses is inspired by the technique used by Enlive to generate HTML files from template files. The most compelling thing to me about Excel is this: This includes creating derivative products, combining and comparing your data with data from others, visualizing the data in the form they wish, etc.

Excel documents can also be transparent. By including formulas in your spreadsheet rather than simply generating numbers in a report, the relationship between various quantities can be visible and explicit.

Finally, Excel has a rich set of formatting choices which can be applied interactively. Want this column to be dollars and cents while that row has totals in bold?

Want to group related columns together using common background colors?

beautiful business reports

Add a text box explaining how a field is defined? All of these things are possible on the web and in other environments, but they all require professional programmers to build solutions and they rarely come close to supporting the level of end-user self-service that Excel does.

And the collaboration story continues to be mostly based on emailing spreadsheets around or on the dreaded Sharepoint.

By writing a VBA program, an analyst can make the spreadsheet itself into a self-generating report. Reports can be built by analysts themselves without requiring help from programmers. Reports can be completely live, functioning as dashboards that show business activities in real-time.

In some applications, these can replace custom AJAX solutions at a fraction the programming effort.

beautiful business reports

This also represents a classic nightmare for enterprises in which business rules are locked up in a spreadsheet with no oversight or transparency. Active spreadsheets only function when they have connectivity.

The spreadsheet provides no shared view of the data. All coding is in VBA, a language unfamiliar to most programmers. VBA also lacks some of the tooling on which most delivery processes require e.

Creating this is trivial: This is by far the easiest for programmers. At its simplest, the report can just be the output of a SQL query.

CSV is not target-specific. In addition to Excel, the resulting data can be loaded into statistical packages like R, directly into databases, or easily into programs written in almost any programming language. All data imported into Excel will be in its rawest form.Reports can be completely live, functioning as dashboards that show business activities in real-time.

In some applications, these can replace custom AJAX solutions at a fraction the programming effort. The usual company annual report is a word-filled extravaganza of jargon, terms, figures and text.

If beautiful report designs were the norm, maybe more people would actually read them. We are used to seeing pages after pages of annual reports printed in black and white on unassuming pages. Kuoni's beautiful annual report secured an iF design award One of the biggest travel agencies in Switzerland, Kuoni doesn't do dull when it comes to its annual reports.

With so much fun to be had with travel themes, design agency Noord developed this beautifully illustrated book to highlight what happened in the company back in 4. Divided Annual Report Template InDesign Layouts. This is a beautiful annual report design, made to present your company’s information in a dynamic design.

It’s 38 premium InDesign pages have a variety of layouts that are set with editable tables, master pages, as well as paragraph and character styles. For over 10 years Windward has been making software that allows business users and developers to create data-powered documents of all types including: forms, proposals, statements, reports, presentations and more.

16 imaginative annual report designs; 16 imaginative annual report designs. readers could see how all the layers worked together and fused into one beautiful picture when the report was closed.

Sometimes the client's core business can spark off an innovative idea so perfect it seems it was always meant to be.

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