Automotive service writing tips

People may decline repairs for numerous reasons. Be Confident and Convinced A technician tells you the service manager that a vehicle should receive a certain new part or a maintenance service that you may not fully understand all the details as to why. Do you rush over to price it up and sell it?

Automotive service writing tips

Automotive repair is an odd business, although it is a retail business, it is also a service business, and very few rules of the retail trade will apply. More decisions are made by customers based on things that are hard to measure - such as loyalty, trust, comfort, convenience, and style.

The culture of an individual automotive repair shop, and how well it meshes with the culture of the majority of their customers, will win or lose more business for you than the fancy labels on the boxes or the logos on the signs outside.

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Customers may feel that for the most part, after they check in at the front counter of an automotive repair shop and surrender their keys, their vehicle will disappear into a big black hole and maybe emerge better than before, or maybe not.

Most of what goes on inside that big black hole Automotive service writing tips not the least bit interesting to them, but they feel very strongly about the results they expect at the other end of the transaction. The point of contact between their vehicle disappearing and re-emerging is the service writer at the front counter, and that is the person expected to make sure the process happens to the expectations of the customer.

We are so dependant on interpersonal relationships at every point in this process. Every step involves communication. Just thinking about it makes me an owner twitch and sweat and lose sleep. Every thing that happens depends on your service writer paying attention, taking everything seriously, following up, and completing the needed steps so you can make money.

Sorry, did I let it slip we were in business to make money? Well, just because we are in it to make money, does not mean that bad things need to happen. If bad things kept happening, we would not make money, so for the most part businesses are interested in doing good things, and being rewarded with money.

However, here are five ways the service writer can fail you - you, being either the customer or the owner, and what you can do to watch out for these problems.

I had a service writer, a friendly guy in his early 40s. He was pleasant and energetic and people seemed to like him. For a while I would run a test to find out what kind of music our customers mostly liked the best.

#5 - does not take money seriously

I tried putting the radio station in the lobby on a classical station, a pop station, a rock station, and a talk radio station. I got the most positive response from a station that plays entirely "classic rock" Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd. It's not for everyone, but it's for most everyone in our target audience.

Anyone between the ages of 32 and 55 can probably sing "Free bird" or at least know what it means when someone screams "Free bird! The nice man at the front counter was in the process of ringing out a customer, a very young lady who was somewhere between the ages of 19 and She was in for an oil change, and during the ringing-out process, we actually go through a series of steps where we explain quite a bit - how many quarts of oil we used, when the next service is due, any special notes about the vehicle like leaks or funny noises, what condition the tires and belts were in, and ask if the customer has any questions before taking their money.

This service writer was so absorbed in listening to the music, he started bopping his head and singing along and kind of sang out the words to the customer, skipping most of the process we normally follow, just asking her for the money, then as she was handing the money to him, a part of the song he really liked came on and he sang pretty loud.

The song was a ZZ Topp song, the line was I am not joking Tell me maaaaa maaaa The poor girl was freaked out and grabbed her change, and ran out of the store, before I could detach myself from the phone conversation I was stuck on at the time and intervene.

Can you just imagine how uncomfortable that was? She will never be back, I'm sure of that. The reason he ended up getting fired was because, after a series of mistakes, his real problem was that he did not take money seriously.

He gave the wrong change frequently. He read the wrong total off the screen. He'd cash out the wrong customer. He counted the money in the drawer incorrectly. He would enter the wrong price on the invoice.

He would quote the wrong dollar amount on the phone to the customer, then end up in arguements when the customer would come to pick up the car. He would forget what number he entered and sell an item at cost with no profit.

On and on and on and on. He was an utter financial disaster, and I should have seen it coming by how casually he handled that woman's money. Money, at least my money, was not important to him. Whether the store made money or not did not matter, whether the customer lost money or paid the wrong amount or was given the wrong change did not matter, because it was not his money, so he didn't care.A maintenance plan is essential for protecting your automotive investment and maximizing the reliability and safety of your vehicle.

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Start with reading your vehicle owner’s manual, where you’ll find the automaker’s recommendations and maintenance schedules based on your driving patterns and habits.

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Automotive service writing tips

Share Tweet. Print Email Glen Beanard, author. View bio. Bio; Recent Posts; If they decline the service, hand over their copy of the check list and leave them with a smile and invitation to return when it is most convenient to them to have the service.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips. Whether the “selling” part of the job at your shop is handled by a designated service adviser, service manager, shop foreman or technician, the impacts of a “yes” or “no” are the same. (Printed in the Journal of The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers, AASP) Everyone writes diagnostic repair orders differently.

Don’t Leave Your Front Counter Behind – Training For The Service Writers. June 3, Assuming your Service Writer is proficient at writing estimates, what else should he or she be trained in? An internet search for ‘Automotive Service Writer Training’ will produce any number of sales oriented firms and consultants that you can.

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